Hi! I am Adriana and I am the author behind DearExhaustedMom. I am a Christian momma of 3 beautiful kids and married to this hilarious guy named Danny. I am a stay at home mom who is exhausted but still manages to eat and shower everyday.

I started DearExhaustedMom.com to talk all things motherhood, especially about being a stay at home mom. I am very passionate about the role of a mother and how big of an impact a mother has on her family. As a Latina from the Bronx, NY, where “bad b*tch” culture is creeping into the households, I got a lot to say.

I have been homeschooling since 2020 and I haven’t regretted it since. I love doing fun activities with my toddlers at home and making homeschooling fun as a whole.

Stick around where I talk about real life mothering, faith, marriage, easy meals, and helping to build generational wealth.

Fun Facts about Me

  1. People call me a conspiracy theorist
  2. I choose to freebirth (give birth at home with no medical intervention)
  3. I LOVE to cook
  4. I procrastinate and have to set almost everything on Google task to get things done
  5. When I am anxious, I eat
  6. Sometimes, I don’t save money and spend it on things that I don’t need
  7. I wish I had 5 acres of land with a farm and a garden
  8. I love to read and write poetry
  9. I am 1 out of 7 children!
  10. I try to follow a workout routine and give after 2 weeks….every single time.

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