Why I Don’t Celebrate Holidays Anymore

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Ever since we are born, we are taught all these holidays and that we have to celebrate them with friends and families. It makes us feel good. We cook dinner, receive and exchange gifts like “secret Santa” and everyone is happy. We get together a few times a year, sing songs and give thanks to one another or to God.

The kids are super happy with their new gifts. They’re eating a whole bunch of candies. There is loud music. The kids go to sleep really late. They fill up their bellies with sweets and juice. Things that you normally won’t do in any other occasion but since it’s a holiday we always think “it’s okay!” I have noticed since ever since I was a kid that every time we celebrated the holidays I was placing I felt like I was placing my identity in this holiday and if I did not get let’s say a gift for Christmas or maybe not the gift that I actually wanted I felt bad I did not feel my normal happy self which made me think that maybe something was wrong with these holidays.

I mean let’s think about it very quickly we celebrate these holidays we think there’s nothing wrong with them but what are we really creating in our lives? What’s the point? And since starting my healing journey I have been doing way too many research you know how you go into a rabbit hole well I’m the kind of person that goes into this rabbit hole and then I don’t come out it’s been almost a year since I started questioning things and I have not come out of that rabbit hole.

Have you felt like this too?

Well, that’s what happened to me. I started researching why the Christian church doesn’t celebrate the feasts that was ordained by God, but then they celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s day, thanksgiving. It didn’t make sense to me. They kept saying “we aren’t under the law anymore”, and they still choose to celebrate pagan holidays that their God in the Bible did not ordained. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

My research led to me to “discovery” that all of these pagan holidays, that the American people go crazy over, have a history behind them that is unpleasant or rooted in greed.

Without going too much into detail, Christmas and Christianity somehow got combines to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but the Bible doesn’t mention his birthday. And then I found out that slaves would use Christmas as a day to try to escape plantation and be reunited with their families. This honestly stressed me out because what “holiday spirit” are we talking about here?

When you look at the grand scheme of things, holidays were made to spend money and make capitalism richer and the monopoly more difficult to afford.

We see it all the time: we are entertained with “saving money” for gifts but we are not using that money to start businesses or move to another country to make life just a little better. So me and my husband decided to stop celebrating the holidays and not wait until one appointed day to exchange gifts. Even Mother’s Day is stressful to me. Why do I need one day out of the whole year to be acknowledged of all the work I do and to be told “I love you”? Why can’t Mother’s Day and Father’s Day be everyday? I’m already dealing with too much struggles and anxiety for me to have to worry about if one of my siblings didn’t say “happy mother’s day” that ONE day.

My family, especially my mother, is stressed out knowing I don’t want to celebrate the holidays anymore, saying that “I just don’t want to spend time with my siblings”. My response is always, “but they were here just last week, what makes this day so special? and why do we have to wait for this day?”

It’s only been a year and a half that we don’t celebrate the holidays in our house and we are already not expecting things from each other. It has been easier to do it like this than expecting something to happen and then it doesn’t. And that’s why I don’t celebrate American holidays anymore.

Why I Don't Celebrate Holidays Anymore

I don’t expect anything from anyone anymore

I save my money instead of buying gifts and toys

I don’t let the American calendar tell me when to spend money on or with my family

I’m not obligated to do what society wants me to do

I don’t want to wait for one day to celebrate with my family

It is freeing to know I’m not tied down to any patriarchal government

Do you still celebrate the holidays? if not, why? I would love to know.

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