8 Tips on Overcoming Fear of Failure as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Becoming a stay-at-home mom can be both exciting and intimidating. We all know this… But how about those days when overcoming fear of failure is out the door? On one hand, you have the freedom to make decisions for yourself and your family without having to ask for anyone else’s opinion.

But on the other hand, we question our decision-making, if we are doing it right, or we are being supportive parents. As a stay-at-home mom, it’s natural to feel like you could fail at some point and let your family down. But don’t let fear of failure stop you from achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations.

No one is perfect. We all have fears, and we all have things that we are not good at. Like me, I am not good at finishing projects on time or drawing. But, it is important to understand that these things should not stop us from moving forward and striving for better.

The fear of failure is something that holds a lot of people back. It is a normal fear, especially if you are a stay-at-home-mom who is responsible for the majority of the home decision making and influencing our kid’s behavior. You need to understand that this is not the end and that you are not a failure, no matter what other people may think about you, whether it is friends or even one of your parents.

There’s always room for growth and learning.

And I love that.

Fear of failure is normal

People naturally fear failure, and as a mom it can be really intimidating to try something new when you know that you could most likely fail. It’s normal to feel anxious, but it’s important to recognize that fear and find ways to push past it. We cannot stay stuck in this mindset that will cripple our growth. Recognize and understand the emotions and feelings you are experiencing and work towards a better way of thinking.


Take a few moments.

Think about why you might be feeling a certain way and what could be causing anxiety to rise. Once you have identified the reason of the fear, you can use that information to take steps to take on the challenge instead of backing away from it.

For many moms, the fear of failure is a huge rock on the road and a source of stress. This can lead to a lack of confidence which can make it difficult to take on new tasks and responsibilities. To overcome this fear, it is important to take the time to reflect on your capabilities and strengths and to focus on self-improvement.

Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations and work on developing yourself in areas that requires improvement. Sometimes we feel like we need to be perfect but all that it’s doing is putting an immense amount of pressure on ourselves to do it all and do it well. But here’s the thing: nobody is perfect. Please understand that failure is a natural part of growth and progress and that it doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Find your tribe

No one can do it alone and having a strong support system is important if you want to succeed in overcoming the fear of failure. Reach out and connect to other moms who can understand your feelings and experiences and provide great advice. Find your tribe and make time for friends and lean on them when times become difficult.

It can be helpful to seek support from other stay-at-home moms who have gone through the same struggles. Talking to other moms about their experiences can help you realize that failure is a normal part of life and that you aren’t alone in your struggles. So don’t be afraid to reach out to other stay-at-home moms for support and advice. You may even be able to form a support group of your own.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story and share your struggles with friends. This kind of open communication will help you feel less alone in this journey of motherhood.

Make overcoming fear of failure your plan

It’s time to take steps to move forward! Create a plan of action with the goals you want to achieve and the steps you will take to get there. We are mothers; we can’t sit on our couch thinking about all of our fears and the fact that we think we cannot do something about it.

Even if you do fail along the way, just know that it isn’t the end of the world and you can keep moving forward.

Take action

One of the toughest steps in overcoming the fear of failure is actually taking action. This is when fear might cause you to hesitate or you might be tempted to put it off and procrastinate (I can do this a lot). Push through! You can make vision boards to remind yourself of your goals and keep moving towards them.

Speak affirmations over yourself.

Take baby steps to make progress towards your goals. Small victories along the way can go a long way in helping you become more confident and secure in your ability to overcome the fear of failure. Talking with friends and family can also help keep you motivated and remind you why you are striving to overcome the fear of failure and reach your goals.

Take time for yourself and remember to take steps to fill your cup. Slow down and recharge, connect with friends or family, take up a hobby, or read a book. Take the time to do something that has nothing to do with motherhood and you might be surprised at how much better you feel. Self care is important to improve your mental health. Not taking time for yourself can lead to burnout and this is the last thing you want if you want to be successful.

fear of failure

Celebrate the little things

Momma, remember to celebrate all your successes – no matter how small. Take time to enjoy all the strides you have made and recognize how far you have come. Going all-in and living your life, despite your fears, is the best way to defeat the fear of failure. Failure isn’t the end, but the beginning of the next challenge and opportunity that can lead to growth. When you focus on how you can use failure to grow, instead of how it prevents you from succeeding, you can overcome the fear of failure and become the supermom that you know you are.

Embrace your inner supermom

You are a stay-at-home mom; you are a supermom. You do it all – all day, every day, and most likely without help. Spend some time reflecting on the things you do well, and make a list of them. For example, maybe you are great at planning meals or managing a budget. Focusing on your strengths can give you the confidence to rise to any challenge and help you realize that failure isn’t the end of the world.

Embrace your inner supermom by taking the time to recognize your attempts and own your mistakes. Celebrate your successes and recognize those times that you fail and learn from them. Learn to not be so hard on yourself and to understand that even supermoms have limits. 100% success is not possible. If something doesn’t go as planned, it’s ok to be disappointed as long as you use it as an opportunity to grow and strive for greater success in the future.

Break down big goals into smaller goals

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by big goals, so it’s important to break them down into smaller goals. For example, if your goal is to organize your home, break it down into sections, such as a bedroom, kitchen, and living room. This will help you stay focused and make progress. You don’t have to try to do it all in one day, that’s overwhelming and exhausting. Take your time to finish what you have to do.

Be gentle with yourself

It’s important to remember that you’re only human, and that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t reach all of your goals. Be gentle with yourself. Instead, take some time to relax and practice self-care, such as exercising, meditating, or reading a book. This will help you to stay positive and motivated despite any failures along the way.

Final thoughts

Fear of failure is a normal part of life, but it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals as a stay-at-home mom. You can overcome fear of failure by focusing on your strengths, breaking down big goals into smaller chunks, seeking support from other moms, and being kind to yourself. With these tips, you can achieve your goals and be successful as a stay-at-home mom.

So, how do you overcome the fear of failure?

• Understand that failure is a part of life and that it is okay to fail.

• Don’t be afraid to take risks.

• Learn from your mistakes.

• Don’t let your fear of failure hold you back from trying new things.

• Embrace your inner strength and never give

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